The Walker Kings

We're Hunting Water Drakes.... Be very quiet!!!

Arlbor heads to Nibenay in search of a mischievous water drake that has infested Nibenay’s hot springs. He brings along the twins, Kyra and Lars. He wanted to gauge their fighting abilities and to see what they were actually capable of. Along the way, he also accompanies the ever so mysterious Cypher back to his home city.

As Arlbor entered the city of Nibenay, a flashback reminded him of the former city that used to reside on the same spot. He recalls of the figure that used to stand on the pillars where statues of an unfamiliar king has been erected. He was confused. The djinn kept on asking what has happened to the former ruler, of its citizens, its culture and its laws. Cypher briefly explained almost everything to djinn with regard to the changes that happened in the past centuries. But he left out one minor detail from him that open display of the arcane arts were no longer allowed in the walls of Nibenay.

Just a few moments later, they find themselves surrounded by the templar wives of Nibenay. Arlbor could not believed that a djinn such as he was being arrested for a simple dispay of his nature. He was proud, confused, furious and was about to unleash his anger through his sword but silence followed as soon as Cypher started revealing his true identity and suddenly took his “original” form. The templar wives , convinced, took Cypher and Xafra out of the picture.

Image courtesy of Square Enix from the game “Vagrant Story”

Arlbor accompanied by the twins continued to head toward the springs to take out the drake. As soon as they arrived, mist covered every nook and cranny of the network of caves of the springs. Arlbor was trying to track the whereabouts of drake until one of the twins asked “Are we there yet?” Arlbor snapped back at the child for being so reckless. It was too late though, as the Water Drake started rending its sharp claws at the fire djinn. He was able to take some nasty blows from the nasty drake and was also able to retaliate with his own attacks accompanied with his bladesongs. The twins did a follow-through with their own set of attack to aid their uncle. They were trading blows with each other but the drake was taking the upper hand of the battle. The djinn, desperate, was able to muster a combination of attacks against the drake which finally put it down. The drake tried to deal a parting blow to one of the twins, but the djinn plunged his longsword into the ribcage of the beast.

Arlbor plunged his bare hands to the same spot where he dealt the killing blow and pulled out the heart of the deceased drake which was still beating. The djinn chanted as the heart continuously beat as if in unison. As the the chants continued the heart started to freeze and the beating faded. The cycle of the elements were finally complete. Arlbor has finally mastered the four elements which would allow him to harness the infinite energy of the inner primordial within him.

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The kids started playing with the dead drake as they tried to take some of its scales. They asked the djinn if they could do something with it and the djinn just waved in approval to avoid any hassle from the twins. Arlbor was mending his own wounds through the use of his inner vigor. To his surprise, an eye grew out of his palm. As he looked at the twins, they too have grown eyes on their foreheads. Arlbor was quick to deduce that this might be the effects of ragnora and he only knew one way of suppressing its effects. He started defiling the life out of the eye and the eye went to a benign state.

As soon as they went out of the cave network, they were greeted by Cypher. Arlbor greets Cypher but tries to hide the state of his palm until the brats spilled out everything. Arlbor could only release a deep sigh but as soon as he was about to let one out , the twins presented him with an armor fashioned out of the scales of the beast. The djinn could only let out a smile after receiving such an exquisite gift.



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