The Walker Kings

The Cache of Black Salt

Heroic Tier Part 2

Previously, in The Walker Kings

Deciding to leave so as not to be implicated in the impending disasters that are to befall the City of Spires, the party heads to Fort Fyra to search for what is believed to be a haven for outcasts. They decided to march through the Ivory Triangle itself, shortening the journey by the barren salt floor that reflected the harsh light of the dark sun. There were many perils along the way, which included a hunting Athasian roc as well as a purple worm that has seemingly adopted to living in the salt waste.

Eventually, however, they found themselves in the merchant Fort Fyra, named after a dwarf baron who makes a living out of mining and selling the seemingly endless supply of salt. It sounded like an easy way to make trade, seeing as it’s all over the place, but apparently the right grade of salt that are fit to be traded needs to be mined from certain locations. Or so the druid named Lestria (who claims to be the guardian of the Ivory Triangle) would have the Fyrans believe.

Compounding the matters further, Fyra’s best friend seemed to have matters of his own. Known as Xynon, the guads that he use to protect Fyra all seem to be escaped gladiators and slaves, and as skillful warriors tend to attract Bjorn’s aggressive attention, there was a lot of tension between the group and the guards. In addition, Xynon himself seems to resent Lestria’s meddling.

The party decided to help Fyra by getting on Lestria’s good side, so that they can convince her to speed up the salt mining operations. The druid confessed that she’s stalling the salt mining because her attention was currently taken by the presence of a half-elf defiler named Poortol. She believes that she must supervise the mining of salt so as not to inadvertently strip the Ivory Triangle of the little natural beauty it has remaining.

The name Poortol struck a nerve with Kensidan Alabaster. He knew that the defiler was responsible for the death of his parents, so he convinced the rest of the group to hunt down this defiler. They found him working with the elven tribe known only as the Shadows. They hunted them to where the elven tribe stashes their goods – and eventually found the elven cache.

Unfortunately, it was a trap set by Poortol and Vollen, the talon-master of the Shadows. As they ventured deeper into the cache, they found Poortol holding The Orb of Darkest Defiling that was used to strip Cypher‘s princely powers. Made even more powerful by a captured and uprroted Tree of Life and protected by Vollen’s elves, Poortol made a bid to claim the heroes’ intrinsic power. As the Renegade charged toward poortol to stop a powerful defiling ritual, poortol unleashed his dark spell.

And the heroes’ world was turned to ash.



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