The Walker Kings

The Battle of Kled and the Journey to Raam

With the adventurers having prepared for the inevitable confrontation with the armies of Abalach-Re, the day of battle finally dawned on the fledgling dwarven kingdom of Kled.

Joined by his new stalwart allies from Ledopolis and Tyr, King Bjorn Mindhammer easily repulsed the Raamite army’s attempts to storm the gates of Kled. However, the dwarf gladiator was mystified at the shocking change that had come over the Raamite army. Where the dwarves of Kled had expected to fight men, they instead faced warped, gibbering horrors, blasphemous mishappen things that bore little semblance to the flesh of man.

As the tides of battle raged, reinforcements arrived from the South and East. Rising from the eponymous Forest of the Renegade, the halfling and his Urikite companion Alderun were the first to clash with the fringes of the mutant host. Failing in their attempt to sneak past the army, they were quickly embroiled in combat with the serried ranks of abominations.

From the Southeast, crossing the Great Alluvial Wastes came Cypher’s Nibenese caravan of supplies and provisions, accompanied by Dhojakt and his picked host. Should the Nibenese convoy reach the encircled city, then no siege could possibly starve out the dwarves. After inciting Dhojakt into charging the rear lines of the Raamite horde, Cypher edged across the flanks in an attempt to sneak the caravan into the city.

The strangest of all allies emerged from the Northeast. Flying low over the dunes on his magic carpet was the new godling, Visarion. Seeing the opportunity to display his newfound divine powers, the godling flew straight into the Raamite forces, blasting away with arcane and divine might.

Amidst the confusion, a small force of unwarped Raamites were convinced to defect from the mutant host. Finally convinced of the madness of Abalach-Re’s designs, they linked up with Cypher’s caravan, and with their aid, punched through the mutant lines, emboldening the dwarven defenders.

With the mutant host beset on two fronts by Dhojakt’s thugs and Visarion’s divine majesty, Bjorn chose the moment to counterattack out of the gates of Kled. In a titanic clash of armies, the allied forces routed the Raamite host.

With the immediate threat repulsed, the adventurers and their allies met to plan their counter assault. Alderun provided chilling impetus to their planning: Ragnorra was coming, and starfall was nigh. Abalach-Re had sacrificed her own army as a diversion so that she could cast a ritual to bind the star to her unopposed from within her center of power in Raam. In the end, it was decided that allied forces would begin to march toward Raam, possibly to intercept whatever forces might remain to Abalach-Re, and also to fight off other forces that might claim the heart of the star once it arrived. The adventurers themselves would go on ahead to Raam to raise rebellion and attempt to stop Abalach-Re’s rituals.

Using magic provided by Raamite defectors, the adventurers summoned a skyray as transportation, allowing them to swiftly bridge the miles between Kled and Raam. Arriving at the city’s outskirts, the party clashed with strange, winged abominations, as well as a chaos beast that was once the drey sorcerer Lerilyn Toar. Defeating these threats, the party arrived to find the city in open revolt, and with the aid of the rebels, they entered the palace of Abalach-Re.



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