The Walker Kings

Bjorn and a Game of Thrones

Democracy, Bjorn Style

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Work by yours truly (Corpse Corpuz)

As the days wind down to the coming of Ragnorra, Bjorn Mindhammer sits on his throne as the new king of dwarves,
crowned by none other than the spirits of the Kings of Kemalok. He is faced with a challenge unlike he had
ever faced – rallying the dwarven peoples of Athas to wage war against the forces of Abalach Re. Strong in body,
mighty in battle, and perhaps even charismatic in combat, he is now charged with uniting a people.

He thinks to himself that talk is cheap. He wishes that he need not talk to men of different lands who play petty
or play nice. He wishes that he may face the Sorcerer King himself, but he knows that his days fighting for
entertainment in the pits of Nibenae are far removed from the challenges ahead.

Things were so much simpler.

Now he recieves his guests at his court. The first notable dwarf was Bruthambar, chief of the Rock Cutter Clan
from Ledopolus. Bjorn had once met Bruthambar a long time ago, early in his adventures. Along with his fellow
Walker Kings, Bjorn foiled an attack on Bruthambar’s dwarves and his bridge by hill giants from the neighboring
island. The lord Mindhammer himself helped fix repairs on the bridge as the attack ensued.

They had much laughs when Bruthambar recognized the new king. He told Bjorn of the progress on the bridge, and
bragged about the sturdiness of his creation. The new king himself bragged about how he told the Rock Cutter
that he would one day be legend.

The cheif Rock Cutter promised Bjorn the allegiance of few hundred dwarves. Good news to the building of a
mighty army. Bjorn is joyed by the new allies, but just as the dwarves of Kled, these men would only be an
oversized militia. Ransacking the old armories of Kemalok would give them the edge in arms and armor over
anything they could concievably face, but the battlefield losses would also ensure the enemy’s army will be strengthened by dwarven steel.

But before anything could be decided, Bruthambar is rudely inerupted by Ulruun. The dwarf was a noble of Tyr,
and had come to give offerings as a show of allegiance to the new king. Ulruun had made a loud entrance telling
the king that he need no dwarves from Ledopolus. Brash as he was, he had the king’s attention. He brought fourth
three Muls that were to serve the new king, and along with them, a chest that contained three cast iron crowns.
Three crowns that had once been worn by the Kemalok kings themselves.

Intimate power 18
Image is Joseph Griffo, Court Dwarf from the film Intimate Power

Bjorn Mindhammer is overjoyed by the offering. He tries one of the crowns himself, and it fits perfectly. “Yes,
I am the king”, he thinks. With his vanity properly stroked, he rises and calls to the crowd. Words were not his
weapon though, but bravado was ingrained deep into his core. He told of how a great day would come soon, and
a mighty battle would wash over Athas. He told them that this is the day that dwarves reclaim their glory. That
even the mighty Muls would reclaim the glory in their blood. That they would defeat Abalach Re and that Bjorn
himself would slay the Sorcerer King.

Ulruun for one was shocked to hear this.

“What war?” he asked. “There’s a war?”

Suddenly, the brash guest turned meek. He apologized to the new king, saying that perhaps he was over eager to
present these gifts.

“You didn’t know there was a war coming?” Bruthambar asked.

“I only came here with these gifts as a formality! I would not have come here knowing of a war!”

“Bastard!” Bjorn exclaimed. He was insulted by the rich and fat dwarf of Tyr. He never liked the rich nobles.
They did not work. Their hands were soft, their bellies round, and they were weak. Perhaps he should slay him
where he stood. At least he had the Muls.

Or so he thought.

The Tyrian dwarf apparently had these Muls blackmailed. Bjorn appealed to the Muls, with their strength and
honor, and dwarven heritage. The Muls said that Ulruun had their families hostage, and there was little that
Bjorn could do to sway them.

Suddenly, out of the shadows, a long chord of flesh shoots out wrapping around the king’s neck. Though caught by
surprise, Bjorn’s insticts flare up to create a psionic barrier to protect him. He sees the assassin, human like,
with the flesh from his finger stretched out to be used as a garrote.

Insulted and enraged, Bjorn immediately tells the guards to stand down before they could act, and he points to
Ulruun telling him that this is what happens to his foes. The king draws his steel hammer, charges the assassin,
and smashes his face to the ground. Limping, the assasin fixes his seemingly clay face, and fades into shadow.

Bjorn smirks, and rubs his ring, and channels the power of true sight. Again he charges the cut throat, this time
catching him off guard, and putting him to the ground. Quickly, he sheathes his hammer, and draws out a heavy
blade. He composes himself, points to his guests and says, “you stand with me, or you die.”

He then beheads the assasin.

Impressed with Mindhammer’s strength, honor and bravado, the Muls reassess their position. “Perhaps there is
another way.”

“Kill the fat Tyrian!” Bjorn relplies. “Pledge me your allegiance, and we will find a way to rescue your families!”

“Yes lord,” say the Muls.

Ulruun panics, pleads and cries, but the Muls make short work of the dwarf. Frazetta
Work by Frank Frazetta

Shortly after, Sadira enters the court. She is told of the events that had transpired, most notably, the blackmail
of the Muls. Slavery. Unacceptable. Bjorn asks her to travel to Tyr imidiately to rectify the problem, and
perhaps gather allies for the upcoming battle.

The lord Bjorn Mindhammer now sits back on his throne, wondering if there are enough men to be rallied against
the Raamites. Diplomacy will gather him his warriors, but will it be enough?

He tires as he waits for that question to be answered.

Whatever happens, Bjorn will make sure that this battle will be for the ages.



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