What are Favors

From time to time, the party will do favors for groups or individuals out of good will. While these people may not have the necessary capability to pay you up front, they will generally remember the good that you have done, and can eventually be approached for some help in return. Over time, the party may accumulate several favors, so even if they end up penniless, they may still be able to pull some purchasing capability via these favors.


-For things that have a monetary value, favors can be cashed in 1-1. For example, let’s say the group has favors worth 500cp from the Veiled Alliance chapter in the “Democratic” city-state of Balic. If the party chooses to request for a level 1 magic item (worth 360cp) from the VA, then they can expect to still be able to call upon 140cp worth of favors from that Alliance chapter.

-All in all, however, favor tracking is an abstraction. Again, assume a 500cp favor balance with the VA of Balic. But Cypher has run afoul of the Imperator, and needs to flee a locked-down city in haste. The VA might be likely to help him escape, but no such negotiation of “favor prices” will occur. The DM may just decide afterwards that the ramaining balance is 250cp, 100cp, or none at all. In asking for abstract favors, the toll that it takes on the favor is likewise abstract (and is non-debatable).

-Certain groups can provide specific favors better than others. House Kiaka, for example, is good for acquiring mounts, but cannot be expected to provide magic items (indeed, Ahli might have you imprisoned for implying that she’s an arcanist). Kira Tin, high priestess of water in Nibenay, might not be able to cast arcane rituals. Nature rituals, on the other hand, may be readily available for her.

-Most groups don’t like to be indebted for long periods of time. They will sometimes give a member of the party something they didn’t particularly ask for ( legendary boon, an item, money etc) and declare that they are even with the characters.

-Sometimes, you may rn afoul of a group that owes you a favor. Typically, the favor is frozen until the issue is resolved – or if the group in question has been totally eliminated, or if the party is completely killed.

What are Favors

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