The Walker-Ship

The Giantslayer.

Once a Balican silt skimmer given to the Giantslayers as payment by the dwarves of Ledopolus for ridding them of the threat of giant raiders, the skimmer has since been heavily modified under the ownership of the adventurers.

With the aid of ancient elemental spirits and an army of craftsmen, the Giantslayers fitted the ship with motive power in the form of four massive appendages, giving the ship a surprisingly smooth gait over the sands, while at the same time freeing the ship from the mercy of the winds.

The ship’s prow has been at various times decorated with rotting giants’ heads, monstrous carcasses, and whatever other grisly trophies strike the adventurers’ fancy. The walker ship itself has survived the ravages of (unsurprisingly) giants, elven bandits, a meteor shower, silt storms, a visit by Abalach Re, a platoon of Urikite warriors, and most recently, an attack by an elemental beast of destruction known as a Balor.

Floor plan:
The Walker-Ship (floor plans)

Hardness : 10
HP : 245 / 400 (Please correct if mistaken)

Notable crew NPCs: Xafra, Aksana
Materials in the Ship’s Armory

Crunch matters:
-The Giantslayer has been configured as a house-ruled mobile stronghold using the rules from Dragon 395. Upgrade summaries provided below, for full rules text, refer to the article.
-Arrow slits/Murder holes : Provide superior cover when being shot at from outside the walker-ship.
-Throne Room : +1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, and Intimidate within the room
-Armory :
-Guards (Level 7): Ship is immune to attacks of creatures lev 7 or less. (keeps away the riff-raff
-Superior Locks : Anyone picking the doors and chests must beat hard DC equal to their level.
-Defensive Walls : The hull counts as this, effectively. Moderate DC to scale. Creatures on deck have at least partial cover from ground shooters, if not superior or total cover (see arrow slits/murder holes)

The Magical Laboratory upgrade is marked in my notes, but I don’t recall if the party decided to purchase this upgrade. (phil)

The Walker-Ship

The Walker Kings Corpsicle