Misc Notes by Cypher:
- “To Kill: Oro, High Templar of Abalach-Re”

  • OOC: Who was this guy again? I’m trying to recall why I wanted to off him
  • Beej: He’s Abalach-Re’s current husband. 127th? I can’t recall for sure. Unlike Nibenay, Abalach is monogamous in that she doesn’t take a new husband while the old one is still alive. Still, she’s been widowed 126(?) times, so you know. XD She does childbear a lot more than Nibenay. <.<

- “Peace between Urik and Tyr? Tyr selling iron to Urik, possible alliance between Sadira and Hammanu”

- “Urikite contact: Grixis of the 7th Battalion”

- Is it just me, or is Cypher now technically Kensidan’s nephew-in-law? XD (BeeJ) (I suppose it does. I wonder if Cypher can now shake down his cranky old uncle. :p (phil))


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