ED Acquisition Quests

You can access your epic destinies before level 21 from a purely story perspective (and it will also have an interplay with my latest house rule). Of course, mechanically the earliest benefit will still come in at level 21. All you have to do is complete your epic destiny minor quest, unique to each character.

Now, if you don’t complete your quest once you hit level 21, that simply means that you can’t take an epic destiny until you do complete it. Here are the quests:

ARLBOR: Spirit of Athas
Level 20 Minor Quest (2800xp)
Unlocks Immanence Epic Destiny

The Cleansing Wars that occurred many Kings Ages ago was far from a one-sided battle. Whilst the champions of Rajaat fought with the devastation of arcane defiling and draconic psionics, the strongest of the oppressed races were able to meld elemental magic to their forms to become manifestations of Athas’ rage. The dwarf king Rkard was able to transfigure himself into an earth elemental that withstood even Borys, mightiest of champions, to a draw.

Among the elves, a clan had bound themselves to wind and fire and became the eladrin. Those who actually became air and fire elementals were the sultans and grand viziers, and are called djinni (air) and efreeti (fire). Unfortunately, while superior in number, none became as strong as Rkard or the champions, and they have been trapped in material objects by Rajaat before they could become stronger.

Arlbor belongs to the efreeti that have thus been imprisoned. In his millenia of isolation, he has become convinced that a creature can master all the elements and become energy incarnate. Since being freed by Nibor the djinn, he has learned to understand the power of wind, although he still prefers his arcane fire spells. But he still needs to master the elements of earth and water to truly call himself an Immanence.

(For the purposes of keywords, Arlbor begins play assuming that he has mastered the keywords of fire, lightning, radiant, and thunder because of his ‘fluff’ mastery of fire and air.)
*Mechanical: Must know a psionic power of 11th level or higher. Entering an elemental manifestation causes a creature to enter a dream-like state, and it requires immense psionic concentration to retain one’s sanity in the pursuit of elemental mastery. This will let you master the psychic keyword.
ALTERNATE: Craft a dancing scimitar (you must create it yourself – for the purposes of this ED, you can craft a dancing weapon as if the dancing property was a common enchantment). The dancing scimitar can store Arlbor’s mind whenever he uses Immanence abilities.
SPECIAL: Completing this part of the quest makes Arlbor an Immanence, but can only use its powers in conjunction with keywords that he has already mastered.
*Find the corpse of king Rkard. Let the element of air pass through his skull (aka, Speak with dead Ritual) so that you can ask him to reveal to you the secrets of earth magic. This will let you master earth, which is tied to the keywords of acid and necrotic.
*Find and kill an athasian water drake, drink its blood, and survive the disease inherent in it. This will let you master water, which is tied to the keywords of cold and poison.

ALDERUN: Life and Death
Level 20 Minor Quest (2800xp)
Unlocks Knight of Life and Death (modified Arcane Sword) Epic Destiny

Alderun’s journey began with the discovery of a rogue star. He was then compelled by sometimes-hostile primal spirits to pursue it, and has bonded with a blade containing what remains of a lich. Through it all, he is still an Urikite, and he possesses a spiritual connection with his blade. He seeks to take all of the knowledge he learned in his journeys and meld them into something that has never been seen before.

(Note. The Knight of Life and death functions as the arcane Sword ED, but you also get the Shroud of Life and Death feature of the archlich ED)

*Find the Lord Vizier, kaisharga of the dragon, and learn the secrets of lichdom from him. ALTERNATE: Study the soulblade of a death knight and study it for a week. Note that a soul blade is destroyed when the death knight is killed, so this entails stealing the blade without killing the death knight.
*Mechanical: Craft your own soulblade. This requires the expenditure of 100,000 ceramic pieces’ worth of alchemical reagents. This will complete your transformation into undeath.
*Plunge a fallen piece of Ragnorra, Mother of Monsters, and into your heart, replacing it. This will complete your transformation into a plant creature.

BJORN: Hammer of Order
Level 20 Minor Quest (2800xp)
Unlocks Topaz Elemental Psion (modified Topaz Crusader) Epic Destiny

Just as the most powerful air priests long ago had the ability to become djinni, so did powerful dwarven earth priests become elementals of their own. Known as spirits of the land, these dwarves became one with the earth and became the Kemalok Kings.

Bjorn is no earth priest, but he does worship, well, himself. With his powerful, psionic belief in himself, and with the help of his ancestor’s spirits, he may become an elemental of a different kind. Spirits of the land were massive creatures of constantly falling rock and dirt and silt, but with the teachings of the Order, he can instead use his primal ancestry to fuse his form into an elemental of gem.

The Order frowns at such advanced beings, but a psionic elemental might be an exception. Perhaps the sorcerer-kings will finally take notice of the Order once they bare their topaz hammer.

Of course, Bjorn has never been the type that’s easy to control. Doesn’t stop the Order from trying, eh?

(Note: Anything anti-aberrant that the Topaz Crusader has is replaced with anti-elemental for the Topaz Elemental Psion Epic Destiny)

*Complete three tasks given by the Order. (2 out of 3 completed)
*Find a greater earth elemental and make it acknowledge Bjorn as its master. (Don’t kill it!)
*Mechanical: You must possess all of the 5 metallic objects left by the Kemalok Kings. (Whenever the items are incomplete, you do not have access to your ED features) Bjorn barely understands primal magic, and only with the whispered guidance of his spirit ancestors (the 5 Kemalok Kings) can he even wield the power of earth. ALTERNATE: Must have at least 1 primal evocation of level 11 or higher.

CYPHER: Prince of Shadows
Level 20 Minor Quest (2800xp)
Unlocks Perfect Slayer Epic Destiny

When High Consort Djenna used the Orb of Darkest Defiling on Cypher, she had every intention of slaying him. In many ways, it succeeded – his bond with the mysterious realm called the Black, an inheritance he received from his father, was all but destroyed. Now existing as a shadow of his former self, Cypher nonetheless survived the ordeal. But to become who he once was, he needs to reclaim his link with the black and destroy the orb that has scarred him so.

*Destroy the Orb of Darkest Defiling – yes, the one Kensidan currently has. It would probably be best if you help him find a replacement before destroying the orb, though. The relationship of Cypher and Kensidan is tenous as it is. COMPLETE!
*Slay a bodak, a shadow giant, and a nightwalker, and absorb their shadow essence for your own. (Cypher must be the one to deliver the killing blow.) – King Nibenay aside, these are three of the most powerful shadow creatures that are known to walk Athas. Still, all three are needed to regain the bond with the Black that Cypher once possessed. – COMPLETE!
*Mechanical – Purchase or be rewarded with Nibenay’s Cruel Reminder (SK Boon, lvl18 or higher). You must maintain the boon at all times (re-purchase it whenever it fades away), or you will lose access to your ED. -COMPLETE!

KENSIDAN: Coils of the Dragon
Level 20 Minor Quest (2800xp)
Unlocks Dragon King Epic Destiny

Kensidan has been through many trials in his life – the death of his parents, his twin sister’s decision to become a shadow bride, his temptation into the path of the defiler. But he has shunned Nibenay and has come to look at Tyr as his true home, and he believes that he must protect it at all costs.

He has seen the power of the sorcerer-kings, and has come to believe that they all share the same path to power. A perfect blend of defiling magic and psionics, a type of magic that only the Dragon of Tyr can be said to have truly mastered.

This is Kensidan’s true calling – to be the peers of the sorcerer-kings, not with their tyrannical rule, but through their draconic power. And he will use this power to protect Tyr.

*Find the secret of the pyramid focus: On that fateful day that Kalak died, and upon seeing Tectuktitlay’s sacrifice, Kensidan has come to believe that the pyramid is a necessary component of the dragon transformation ritual. But the pieces are not complete in his head yet. Perhaps the forbidden libraries in Kalak’s ziggurat might offer more. COMPLETE!
*Kill creatures and feed it to a pyramid of sufficient grandeur and design: a total of 16000XP worth of creatures need to be sacrificed. Usually, this means killing a monster of sufficient legendary strength (a level 21 solo), but over the years sorcerer-kings have attempted to slaughter entire populations instead, leading you to believe that a mass-killing could work as well.
*Mechanical: Must have 1 psionic discipline of level 11 or higher. Dragons are masters of both arcane and psionic magic. ALTERNATE: Must purchase or be awarder with a Secret of the Way boon of level 21 or higher. Whenever neither of these two requirements are met, mechanical abilities of the dragon King ED can’t be accessed, though the physical transformation remains.

RENEGADE: Light of Athas
-Level 20 Minor Quest (2800xp)-COMPLETE!!
Unlocks Avangion Epic Destiny

In his childhood, the Renegade saw the world as a forest – lush with life and rife with dangers. But when his chief made the long journey to Gulg, he has learned that the world at large isn’t like the forest ridge. Athas is, by and large, a dead place.

The Renegade sees the hardships this has caused with the people of Athas, and he seeks to do anything to return the land to the way it once was. To that end he has sowrn off defiling magic and turned to his latent psionic talent. However, he has also met various members of the Veiled Alliance, who share his dream of a greener world. And these people speak of a legend, a preserver that can rival the might of the powerful defiler kings – an angel known as the avangion.

*Find an existing avangion that is capable of teaching the secrets of the avangion transformation. COMPLETE
*Bond with a forest area and become its guardian. COMPLETE
*Mechanical: Must have 1 arcane spell of level 11 or higher. Avangions are masters of both arcane and psionic magic. ALTERNATE: Must possess a rare magic item of level 21 or higher. It must be truly magical, and not simply masterwork or psionic or somesuch. Whenever neither of these two requirements are met, mechanical abilities of the Avangion ED can’t be accessed, though the physical transformation remains. COMPLETE

VISARION: God in a godless world
Level 20 Minor Quest (2800xp)
Unlocks Demigod Epic Destiny

Dregoth, the Dread King, spent many of his years in undeath to find the secret to attaining godhood. He has since deemed the affair impossible and has turned on more practical goals of vengeance, but Visarion, his templar, believes that more can be done. If his liege abandons godhood, he will pick up the pieces for himself. What better way to serve Dregoth than to be one of the most powerful entities not only in Athas, but on all the planes?

Indeed, with godhood, why serve the dread King at all?

Find the corpse of a dead god. Revive it but make it a part of yourself. COMPLETE
*Induct a high priest whose primary goal is to spread your religion.
Mechanical: Multiclass into a divine class. ALTERNATE: Collect (85000) Sanctified Incense, and use it to purchase and maintain any divine Boon of level 18 or higher. You must maintain the boon at all times (re-purchase it whenever it fades away), or you will lose access to your ED. COMPLETE

ED Acquisition Quests

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