The Orb of Darkest Defiling



Orb implement

See the Dark Sun Campaign Setting for mechanical details.


Note. Image by Douglas Shuler, drawn for the Magic: the Gathering card Icy Manipulator. Used for personal, non-profit fun.

The Sorcerer-kings all own a plethora of obsidian Orbs as a focus for their defiling magics. This particular Orb of Darkest Defiling was owned by Nibenay, the Shadow King himself.

It was recently used in the attempted murder of The Cypher, a mysterious son of the Shadow King who acted as his assassin. It both succeeded and failed – The Cypher, prince of Nibenay was killed. But it’s shadow, a mortal shapechanger called Cypher, survived. He as been on a quest to once again becaome the Shadow King’s Perfect Slayer and enact his vengeance.

It then fell into the hands of the half-elf defiler Poortol. (How this came to pass is unclear at this point.) He used it with a Tree of Life to further his own strength and to mutate the Shadows elven tribe.

Upon the defeat of Poortol, the Tyrian templar Kensidan Alabaster used it for awhile (with the blessing of Nibenay himself). Ultimately, however, he gave it to his shapechanger friend. It has since been destroyed to return a portion of the Shadow Prince’s power to himself.

The Orb of Darkest Defiling

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