The freed but loyal slave of House Kiaka


Slain by Nibenay’s Ego Whip for intruding into Nagaramakam

Lvl 20 Xafra
Mul, Striker
NPC, Companion Character

Ability scores
Str 23 (+ 16)
Con 29 (+ 19)
Dex 26 (+ 18)
Int 17 (+ 12)
Wis 24 (+ 17)
Cha 16 (+ 12)

AC: 34 Fort: 35 Reflex: 33 Will: 32
HP: 136 B: 68 HSV: 34 HS/day 3
Speed 8 (see [Steel] Wind Step)

Trained Skills
Endurance + 26 Athletics + 21

Notable Skills
Streetwise + 14

Tireless (Mul): Xafra needs to sleep 6 hours in a 72-hour period (instead of a 24-hour period) to gain the benefit of an extended rest.

*Unarmed Strike (MBA) | At-Will (weapon)
Attack: Melee Touch (one creature); + 27 vs AC
Hit: 1d8+18

*[Steel] Wind Strike (full discipline, implement, psionic) | At-Will
Attack: Close blast 2 (each enemy you can see); + 24 vs Reflex
Hit: 1d8+18 damage
Special: Xafra cannot use [Crane’s] Wing Assault nor [Crane’s] Wing Stride this turn.

*Feather’s Weight (implement, psionic) Encounter
Attack: Melee Touch 24 v Fortitude
Hit: 2d12
18, slide target 2 squares, target is dazed ENT, the next time target takes damage before SNT, it takes extra 6 damage and falls prone.

*Feigned Opening (implement, psionic) | Encounter
Attack: Melee 3 (one creature); + 24 vs Will
Hit: Xafra pulls the target 2 squares. If she pulls the target to a square adjacent to her, it takes 3d6+18 damage and grants combat advantage until the end of her next turn.
Effect: If Xafra uses [Steel] Wind Step this turn, she does not provoke opportunity attacks when moving away from enemies adjacent to her at the start of the movement.

*[Steel] Wind Step (full discipline, psionic) | At-Will
Effect: Xafra is no longer marked. She can move up to 8 squares.
Special: Xafra cannot use [Crane’s] Wing Assault nor [Crane’s] Wing Stride this turn.

*Lone Nomad Stance (stance primal) Daily
Effect: Until the stance ends, Xafra gains resist 10 to all damage. If Xafra ends her turn adjacent to an ally, this stance ends.
*Rousing Words (healing, martial) | Encounter
Target: Xafra or one ally in close burst 5
Effect: Xafra gains 68 hit points. If she targets an ally in burst, the target instead can spend two healing surges.

*Iron Soul Flurry of Blows (psionic) | At-Will (Special)
Trigger: Xafra hits with an attack during her turn
Effect (Free Action): Melee 1 (one creature); The target takes 11 damage, and it cannot shift until the start of Xafra’s next turn. If the target was not a target of the triggering attack, it also can’’t make opportunity attacks until the end of Xafra’s turn.
Special: Xafra uses this power only once per round.

*Incredible Toughness (Mul) | Encounter
Trigger: Xafra starts her turn
Effect (No Action): Xafra ends any ongoing damage or any dazed, slowed, stunned, orweakened condition currently affecting her.


Granddaughter of Rihgaz, House Kiaka’s scholar-slave.


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