Hamanu, Lion of Urik

Do you smell what the Lion is cooking?


“The Lion, King of the World, King of the Mountains and the Plains, King of Urik, for whom the roaring winds and the all-mighty sun have decreed a destiny of heroism, and to whom the lifegiving waters and the nourishing soils have trusted the mightiest City of Athas. The Great Spirits of the bountiful lands raised the Lion from his childhood, instructing the Lion in the art of war, how to give the signal for the skirmish, and when to draw up the line of battle. They made the Lion’s arms powerful against his enemies, who have always been many, and gave him weapons to strike off the heads of those whom he fights. They made of the Lion a man who cannot be killed, and a general who cannot be defeated.”

“Hamanu of Urik is this Lion. The Great King, The Mighty King, King of the World, King of Athas, an unrivaled potentate who holds sway from the great Ringing Mountains to the shores of the endless Sea of Silt, the bringer of death and peace, to whom all must submit.”

-Hamanu, referring to himself in the third person
(edited from the DSCS 2E)


Hamanu considers himself a warrior king. Providing he finds the battle worthy of his skills, he often leads his troops into combat personally. So far, he has earned his boasting rights— – his armies have never been defeated when he was leading them.

In addition to fighting in wars, Hamanu also boasts a unique way with dealing with gladiators that could rise in popularity to challenge him. He will allow such a gladiator to increase his reputation, after which he will personally challenge the gladiator, appealing to the challenger’s pride. Yet again, he has never failed in defeating such “unbeatable” opponents in an impressive fashion.

Hamanu, Lion of Urik

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