High Consort of the King's Law


Beautiful and immensely powerful, this favored wife of Nibenay engages in a prolonged power struggle with her husband’s offspring.


The Temple of the King’s Law administers the internal affairs of the templar-wives of Nibenay. This house roots out corruption and wrongdoing among the brides, and as such its members stand a notch above their sisters. In theory, at least.

Djenna is a woman troubled by the events of the past few years. Despite her implied status as the first wife of the Shadow King, Nibenay himself has declared Siemhouk, the high consort of the Temple of Thought, as an untouchable. Her authority, therefore, does not apply to the youngest of the high consorts.

She is also concerned about the status of Nibenay’s children, Cypher, Dhojakt, and (she suspects) Siemhouk herself. They all outrank her in her husband’s government, and that is a matter she wishes to change. Her ambition blinds her and makes her actually believe that the offspring are a threat to her husband’s life.

She desires the complete and utter destruction of Nibenay’s children, but her methods are subtle. As the ruler of the Temple of Law, she knows how to act against them whilst staying true to the law of her husband.

Is she so careful, though? Over a year ago she made her first attempt by attacking Cypher. The attack was carefully planned, and by all rights legal. And yet her plan was hastened when news of the death of king Kalak of distant Tyr arrived in Nibenay. She believed that she had to act fast to protect her husband. If so, then perhaps there were blunders in her “perfectly legal move.”


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