The Walker Kings

When Plans Go Awry

Heroic Tier Conclusion

The Renegade’s lungs were filled with inhaled dust. Whilst any other halfling would weep at the devastation caused by Poortol’s defiling, he at least felt it mildly assuring. That his lungs were painfully filled with dust implies that he survived the spell, and his survival was a chance to avenge the travesty done to the land.

As it turned out, Poortol’s attempt to siphon power into himself and Volllen had the unfortunate side effect of empowering the heroes as well. Vollen mutated into a hairy, shapeshifting creature with an oddly shaped head, but even his enhanced powers were no match for Cypher, who in turn also got back part of the powers that the orb stole from him. They were quickly dispatched, but Poortol himself was proving to be quite the adversary.

In the end, Kensidan was goaded by the defiler to use defiling magics himself to strike him down. As the addictive rush of arcane energies flowed from his fingers to assault Poortol’s mind, the half-elf laughed – in his dying curse, he hissed, “I have created a powerful defiler to take my place in this world! I have won!”

With the problems at Fort Fyra solved, the salt mining began once again in earnest. The group decided that enough time has elapsed to make it safe to travel back to Nibenay.

Image taken from the Ivory Triangle, a 2e
D&D supplement. For personal use.

Thinking that you’re safe in Athas is one of the easiest ways to get yourself killed.

“These attacks will only strengthen our resolve”

The entity known only as the Zwuun may indeed have been a match for the unprepared Nibenay, but he was intriguingly informed of the plot beforehand. Siemhouk, former pandita and recently declared as the shadow King’s first wife, was able to manifest protective psionics to help the king combat the spirit. The Zwuun has been destroyed, and Thagya Phon’s Veiled Alliance has been rooted out. The Shadow King himself made a rare appearance from Naggaramakam to personally punish the preserver.

Drakkoth’s skirmishes in the Crescent Forest turned out to be more effective. Too effective. the new Pandita, Kendra Alabaster, was killed while exploring the ruins of a forest. Several tribes from the forest-city of Gulg have also been ransacked, andin an unprecedented move, the high consorts have brokered a peace treaty with their Gulgese counterparts, the nganga of Gulg.

With the combined might of the two cities’ templars, they were easily able to capture and behead Eddard of House Xenxa (the group’s former patron) and deduce the “mastermind” behind the dray’s attacks – the gladiator Bjorn Mindhammer!

Hunted down by no other than the crown prince ofNibenay, Dhojakt, himself, the party barely escaped with the help of the Giustenali templar Mon Adderath (who has assumed the identity of a nganga) and the untouchable status of Ahli Kiaka’s estate.

After regrouping, the party decides to leave Nibenay for awhile. They set off for the city-state that is closest to the Ivory Triangle but farthest from where their hunters would expect to find them – Balic, the City of Sails.

DM note. Thus the party begins its paragon games. I wanted to note how, in heroic, the party can travel but mostly stayed within the general vicinity of one city-state. Paragon tier, on the other hand, focuses on them travelling the seven city-states. Which makes you wonder – what will epic tier bring?



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