The Walker Kings

The Passage of Years

With the defeat of Ragnorra, things seemed to settle down for a while. This is Athas however, and peace never truly lasts.

In Kemalok, King Bjorn Mindhammer began to realize just how much (shudder) work this King business really was. Confronted with the minutiae of actual rulership, the warrior-king swiftly grew bored and was spoiling for another fight.

In the Renegade’s forest sanctuary, Alderun and Renegade received disturbing portents. Alderun began to dream of the great primal spirits that he had encountered during the struggle against Ragnorra. They were waking up. And they were angry. Renegade meanwhile heard news of strife among elemental-kind, specifically between the efreeti and the djin. Hoping to stave off potential conflict that might attract the attention of the Sorcerer-Kings, Renegade journeyed to the prison of the Dao, deep under the caverns of Kemalok. Alderun meanwhile began to trek to the mysterious grove shown in his dreams.

In Nibenay, Cypher was busy laying the groundwork of his mercantile network and reacting to the opportunity presented by the unrest in Raam. Arranging arms sales and other mercantile assistance to Nanda Shatri and the High Priestess of Visarion, Cypher hoped to gain better connections among the Raamites. Amidst the bustle of commerce, Cypher received an invitation from an old contact, the Templar-Wife Kendra Alabaster, sister of the late Kensidan. Wary of her motives, he sought backup. Catching up with Alderun, he convinced his partymate to back him up in case things went strange.

Back in Kemalok, Bjorn was swiftly growing bored with kingship. Arranging a vacation and delegating his responsibilities to trusted officials, the dwarf took a break just in time for Renegade’s arrival. Learning of the purpose of Renegade’s visit, Bjorn seized the chance for adventure and travelled with the halfling to Tyr to procure the xorn elementals necessary to free the Dao from their prison. Returning to Kled, they were to find that the liberation of the Dao would not go as smoothly as planned. Trapped for centuries within the living rock of Kemalok, the Dao were angry and let out their aggression at everything in sight. Renegade was horrified. Bjorn was understandably overjoyed. Finally, a worthy battle!

Meeting with Kendra in the abandoned Pyramid of the Eye, Cypher and Alderun found her twisted and changed, feeding off the power of a portal to the Elemental Chaos. She had grown in might, but had also begun to fear for her independence, as something called the Chained God was launching an assault on her will. Kendra called on Cypher to either kill her, preventing her from turning against the Shadow King, or providing her with what she needed to resist the call of the Chained God: the other half of her soul, Kensidan. Though not entirely trusting Kendra, Cypher acknowledged her loyalty to the Shadow King. Venturing into the depths of the Grey, Cypher and Alderun fought their way past the shades of the dead and the undying, eventually returning with the trapped soul of Kensidan.

Meanwhile, in Kled, Renegade and Bjorn managed to subdue the raging Dao. With calm restored, the Dao were eventually persuaded to negotiate a truce among the elemental folk but for a price: the Khan of the Dao sought a place among the 4 Kings of Kemaloc. Sensing the opportunity to find a worthy regent to fob off actual responsibility to, Bjorn quickly accepted the Khan’s offer.

Returning to the Pyramid of the Eye, Cypher and Alderun brought Kensidan’s soul to Kendra, reuniting the twins. With her mind fully her own, Kendra seized control of the Abyssal portal, preventing a planar incursion by demonic spirits.

The world turns, a year passes, and trouble brews between the old guard of Sorceror Kings and the Walker Kings.



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