The Walker Kings

The Birth of a New Light and of a Verdant Abomination

Alderun, Renegade

As the dawn rises at the newly reinstated kingdom of the Kemalok Kings, the Walker Kings have decided to pursue their own ends, in order to strengthen them in the inevitable clash with both the Raamite forces and Ragnorra. The star is heading close to Athas and its effects are already being felt all around.

The Urikite and the halfling went to Renegade’s forest. As they were heading nearer, the duo saw that Ragnorra was already speeding up the growth process of the forest. Renegade gave the Urikite permission to control the growths by defiling the forest but suddenly a voice boomed across the desert like a peal of thunder.

Art by Will Rhodes for non-profit use

A storming djinn appeared out of nowhere and threatened the pair, all the while flexing his muscles like a jock. Renegade replied that he was the guardian of the forest to which the djinn replied “I wasn’t informed”. The djinn and its lackeys then proceeded to attack the pair but managed to hang on until Nibor arrived to chastise the djinn, whose name was introduced as Colombo. While resting in the sanctuary, Nibor and Colombo reported to Renegade that there was a lot of undead walking towards the tree of life. Alderun surmised that it was the work of the star. Feeling responsible, Alderun took the task of containing the overflowing raw energy, using himself as a vessel.

After resting, the two of them prepared their rituals of strengthening. Renegade crafted a ring, one that he needed for his transformation. Culler’s blade reacted, showing its dragon-slaying form, proof that the halfling is one step away from his desired ascension. His appearance bore no drastic shift, but he was emanating a hulking spirit.

Image from WotC (Figure of Destiny, M:tG Eventide, art by Scott M. Fischer), for nonprofit use

Alderun, on the other hand, absorbed the Ragnorra’s presence from Renegade’s sanctuary using a seed from the source. With his bonded blade, containing his will and soul, he struck his own heart then replaced it with the verdant seed. His body soon became a being of life and death, but his mind is intact and his own.

Renegade left the sanctuary a changed being. As for Alderun…

Image of The Plant Undead, Category Seven
of Hearts (Kamen Rider Blade series),
for nonprofit use

Let’s just leave it at that.



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