The Walker Kings

Terrorist Machinations

Heroic Tier Part 1

Previously… in The Walker Kings


As the party stayed longer in Nibenay, a few things began to clear up:

  • Antloids are creepy giant ants with psychic powers
  • The Shadow King has a legion of wives, but has very few children.
  • The children that he does have are either half-man, half insect monstrosities, super-powered little girl-psychics, or shapechangers with… issues. And
  • It is in the party’s best interest to destabilize Nibenay.

To that end, the party sought out the local chapter of the Veiled Alliance. At first they had little to go on, as they’ve run afoul of the only VA member that they have encountered. Eventually, however, they were able to deduce that the crazy old man with one dilated eye, Thagya Phon, leads Those-who-wear-the-veil in the city of spires. After gaining his confidence, he has agreed to unleash the Zwuun, a mysterious spiritual entity that resides within the hot springs of Nibenay, upon the sorcerer-king himself.

Meanwhile, Visarion’s hourney toward the city of Nibenay was not entirely solitary. As he passed Dregoth’s ruined town of Kragmortha, a group of 1st generation dray followed him in the hopes of currying favor with the Dread King. They were led by Drakkoth, a large dray with four spiderlike limbs and a vicious bone axe. The dray templar easily convinced his “lesser brethren” to ransack the Crescent Forest in an attempt to halt the activities of the shadow wives there. Coupled with the impending Zwuun attack, the party felt confident that Nibenay will be a city of chaos, so they decided to leave for Fort Fyra in the meantime.



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