The Walker Kings

Tall Tales of Tall Trees

Includes Kalak's Pyramid

(Part 1 of the Forest Maker)

Finally arriving in Tyr, the Free City, the Giantslayers found that the city’s atmosphere is very disconcerting. Bjorn is aghast at how the once-popular arena has been turned into a marketplace, and Visarion finds the concept of a kingless* city-state hard to grasp. Still, it did not distract the group from engaging in some political maneuvering. After all, the party held the terms of Hamanu’s peace treaty.

Kensidan at first despairs over the situation. Of the factions in the council, three are controlled by the imperfect avangion Sadira (the preservers) with her husbands Rikus (the freemen) and Agis of House Asticles (the nobles). But as the high templar Tehosian explains, there is hope for the templars yet. The noblewoman Jazeela, although of the best intentions, challenges Agis’ more calculated moves at every turn. And while Rikus holds the popularity of the masses, the supernatural nature of his wife Sadira, as well as the latter’s decision to openly engage in polygamy, balance it with more than a little unpopularity.

Nevertheless, the group found it in their best interest to try to get on Agis’s good side, at least. His principles seemed to be ironclad, though, and he refused any assassinate the impulsive Jazeela.

Meanwhile, Kensidan asked for and received permission to enter Kalak’s pyramid, which he believed contained the secrets of the dragon metamorphosis ritual. The Giantslayers spent the rest of the night preparing for the entryway into the pyramid.

Amalak Pul

As they were on their way back to their inn, the sleeping Mekillot, the Giantslayers notices a trio of muls that were bullying a crazy old man who claimed to be a powerful wizard. They took it upon themselves to help the old man, and soundly defeated the halfbloods.

The old man is too addled to provide information, as it seems that he has been travelling without food or water. He only manages to say, "“. . . woods . . . forest . . . tree of life . . . must preserve it . . . keep it from that she-kank . . .” " before falling unconscious, but otherwise the aprty was able to deduce that this was the missing preserver, Amalak Pul, that Sadira mentioned. The following objects were found on his person:

  • A sheet of papyrus with a rough map sketched on it, kept by the Renegade.
  • A nonmagical obsidian shard.
  • Traces of grass and soil found on his boots.

The surviving mul, on the other hand, was intimidated into revealing what he knew:

““We work for a spellcaster named Lerilyn Toar. The lady wanted us to capture this old man and bring him to her. She’s stayin’ somewheres in the city, but we was supposed to take the buzzard bird out of the city and meet her at midnight outside the Caravan Gate.””

Lerilyn seems to have cast a divination spell on the muls however, and when they tried to look for her at the supposed meeting place, she was gone.

*This game follows a different continuity somewhat. In a previous game that I’ve had, the party of the Prism Pentad succeeded in slaying Kalak just as stated in the Verdant Passage, but then proceeded to kill Tithian before he can don the crown. As a result, Tyr is governed solely by a council. We have decided to stick with that continuity.

Kalak’s Pyramid




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