The Walker Kings

(part 2 of the Forest maker)

• The party said their goodbyes at Tyr to seek Altaruk.
• Kensidan wanted to leave the twins behind with the senator to avoid his “fatherly” duties but was convinced by his party mates to rethink his decision.
• Sadira also parted ways with the party.
• The party encountered two dozens of Gith attacking a bard named Domera Tal. They traded information with her in exchange for a place to stay until night fall. She also mentioned that she was feeling a slight compulsion to travel to Altaruk.


Image taken from the Forest Maker, a 2e D&D adventure. For personal use.

• One peculiar gith stood out of the group. This one was able to stand up straight. They were supposedly called Githyanki, a higher form of the Gith species.
• The party also encountered a pair of pilgrims who were non-respondent. They tried to get their attention even tried to communicate with them but failed to do so. They seem to be heading to the direction of Altaruk.
• The party also encountered a group of cheating elf merchants. The party tried to free an elegant piece of leather armor from the possession of the elves but failed to do so.
• The party also encountered a crazy prophet named Coggalan preaching about “The Forest Maker”. After interrogating him about what he knew, Bjorn threw him out of the fortress after they took the prophet’s magical staff. Kensidan wanted to be sure and fired a missile of force to the damned prophet but did no harm at all. The party was surprised that the prophet survived a straight 60 feet drop, a missile of force and continued to wander off until the party decided to have their mobile fortress step on it.
• One of the crew has started to feel the urge to go to Altaruk.
• The standard of Hamanu summoned a Balor as a challenger. The party had a hard time trying to dispose of the balor but was able to do so without any casuaties.
• The party continued their travel as the days followed.


Thanks for the post, dark_axis! Remind me of the xp reward first thing during the next game. :-)


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