The Walker Kings

Madness on Athas

Alderun's notes

(part 4 of the Forest Maker)

*Lerilyn Toar managed to escape, sacrificing her bodyguards on the process. We had a hard time dealing with them muls though they were no match for current group. The crew at least managed to beat some braxats to get their.. essence. Continued our journey, following the pilgrims’ footsteps

Note to self: When Cypher doesn’t get his kill (since Lerelin Taur did manage to escape him), he get a bit twitchy with his knives and daggers at hand. He said he’d just kill pilgrims to get their guise, though he ended up killing more than required.

*Giants suddenly got in our way. As usual, Visarion goes berserk at the sight of them, making sure they go down. We were joined by his superior, Mon Adderath, also going berserk on the poor giants. A bit suprised on the giants’ arcane casting, though it’s nothing the team can’t handle. We were called Giantslayers for a reason. Mon Adderath also seemed interested to where the pilgrims lead, though he chose to take a different route from us.

*We were attacked by Culler, the greatest ranger of Athas, which happens to be mad when we met him. Most probably the heat and the madness of the pilgrims made out the most of him, as he frenzied within the pilgrims’ and our way. He was riding a roc, and have two dagurans at his command. Too bad the roc made the crew frantic, what with the crew’s early experience with a roc. I only heard the story from The Renegade, which doesn’t leave much to say. I took Culler’s flaming blade. It is the blade of the greatest ranger of Athas after all.

Image taken from the Forest Maker, a 2e D&D adventure. For personal use.

*We finally arrived. We could definitely tell that this is the place, as the luscious forest should not exist in this part of the Great Aluvial Wasteland. We were greeted by a glowing entity of delicateness and all that is not manly. A so called avangion, what The Renegade is trying to become. It only increased the rest of the crew’s disdain against his “ascension”. Rafernard, as what he/she addressed him/herself, sought for us to rest until the morning comes. The group had other plans in mind.

*We found out that encircling the exploding vegetation is a plaza, which leads to a path below. There were pilgrims meditating on the plaza but was not responding to anything, even when predators of the forest pass them by. We head down the tunnels and it lead us to a series of rooms. We stumbled on one of the most deadliest traps yet; Cypher barely survived it. Great risks offer great rewards they say, which seems to be true for this room full of gold (yes, those things that can only be found in books and merchants’ dreams. Or perhaps…)


Image taken from the Forest Maker, a 2e D&D adventure. For personal use.

*Gold is magically stuck to floor, sadly, even the might of V and Bjorn combined cannot move them. Paranioa was with us as we explore the rest of the dungeon, which ended in a library. A vast room full of forgotten secrets and stories, each written by the most powerful entities of Athas. Books about Ragnorra, this being called Rajaat and many more can found here. Metamorphosis theories and experiments about dragon- and avangion-hood alike can be found, which were appreciated by Kensidan and The Renegade, those who seek such destiny. Where are we? Perhaps we’ve stumble to more than just a treasury…

Note: Found a book called “Phylactery and Me” by Dregoth. Reminded me of Geoff’s suggestion to attain lichdom. I need this for my quest to achieve balance in oneself, so that I could find the answer to create balance in the withering, or perhaps soon to be blooming, world of Athas.

*Delving in the dungeon took us all night. We know that it was morning when we hear the voices of the pilgrims, worshipping the “great” Rafernard. We soon saw the glowing avangion, floating above a sea of pilgrims. Obsidian orbs, oozing with power, orbit the entity, as he swallow them one by one. A meteor floats above her, We knew by then that she is no avangion, as her glowing carapace sheds bit by bit when she absorbs the power of the orbs. Soon she showed her true visage, Abalach Re. We made our move, hoping we’re not too late. In the words of Visarion, this bitch has to die.

*As we pursue the dragoness, Culler’s blade turn to a mythical sword. It tells me to confront the dragon queen, a quest supposed to be Culler’s. But our efforts are almost rendered useless, as the bitch swallows the last orb of power. Abalach Re almost finished her ritual but she was interrupted by the Mon Adderath, soaring from nowhere. Mon Adderath was able to take her final orb, but Abalach Re was able to take his old yet powerful heart. She took it as a replacement for the orb, for one as old as Mon Aderrath might have gained a heart of utmost power.

She was right. And with it her transformation is complete. Her humanoid visage ripped open, as a mighty dragon appeared before us. She created a frightful presense as her 5 heads, each of different color, roared across the trees of the forest, beyond and the sands that surrounds us. It is time to settle our grudge to her, but I don’t think we have a good chance of telling this tale afterwards.

Note to self: Should stop noting things down, especially in the heat of battle. Useful skill, but can make me lose focus on battle.


Please edit out the portion re: a dragon’s hoard. That cliche does not exist in Athas. Thanks.

Madness on Athas


Madness on Athas

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