The Walker Kings

Left for Kled

In this episode of The Walker Kings…

“Hey, Dwarf! Go do what we’re paying you to do!”
“Alright, I’m gunna—HRGAAAKH!!”
“…uh, whoops.”


Our intrepid heroes, after definitively defeating a dastardly dray and a dubious destroyer, soon move to descend into a dwelling of doubtful dwarves. But lo, it seems that Kled is actually allied with Tyr! Shock! The Avangion Sadira meets up with our motley crew of ruffians and rascals to inform them of such. “They should be more helpful, then!” said V. “They’re dwarves,” replied Sadira. “Oh right,” said everyone else. Still, the dwarves fulfill their end of the bargain and removed the curse from Visarion and Arlbor.

Lyanius, the resident dwarven elder, agrees to welcome the party on the condition that they go to the underground city of Kemalok to complete a series of trials, and also tasks his son Caelum, the local sun priest, to accompany the group as their guide. “Alright,” said Bjorn. Upon acceptance of this, the town activates Feast Mode! Everyone is fed sparsely but given plenty of ale to compensate, so they basically ate as well as any dwarven king ever did.

Visarion, Renegade, and Cypher run around town roughing up some locals, and get some good info for their trouble. Spoiler alert: the slaughter stones only activate when people are holding weapons! This would prove to be very useful as the group crossed the bridge to an iron grate, and as Caelum followed, V briefly considered tossing a dagger his way, but he quickly realized this would be awesome wildly irresponsible. Instead they all worked to get the grate open, and emerged into the underground city of Kemalok.

As soon as they walk in, the items of the Kemalok kings start floating up into the air, flying straight into the castle. Jinkies! The group followed the rogue objects inside, where they had to overcome a group of undead dwarves and an earth elemental. They saved the last hit for Bjorn, but oops, it was the wrong elemental! Aw, snap! So they killed it right quick.

Next they encountered a puzzle involving statues of the Kemalok kings surrounding a wooden bowl that seemed to be filled with water, with a memory crystal inside. A guardian sphinx whispered cryptic words in the party’s general direction, piquing their interest intellectually and prompting a scholarly verbal exchange. Bjorn, however, soon grew tired of all this newfangled “thinking” that the group was doing, reached inside for the crystal, and just barely managed to retain use of his arm. “Well, that didn’t work,” Cypher quipped. So the group went about solving the puzzle using even more “thinking,” (much to Bjorn’s dismay) and they actually manage to get the right answer! Bjorn then reaches for the memory crystal and views a follow-up flashback to the earlier memory crystal that he picked up, but he is interrupted by a thundering voice, followed by the sound of beating wings…

Will our woeful wanderers withstand this winged warmonger? Be sure to catch our next episode: Kemaluk Before You Leap!



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