The Walker Kings


(Cypher, Xafra)

Accompanied by Xafra, Arlbor, and the twins, Cypher returned to where the Walker Kings began their journey, Nibenay, realm of the Shadow King.

Taking advantage of the djinn’s lack of knowledge of the past few centuries, Cypher used Arlbor’s indiscreet displays of magic in order to attract the attention of Nibenay’s Shadow Wives. Then he revealed his identity to the templars in order to prevent them from dealing with the offending magic user in a more permanent manner.

Splitting off in order to pursue his vendetta against Djenna of the King’s Law, Cypher entered Nagaramakam shadowed by Xafra. The mul’s skill at infiltration surprised Cypher. He noted the weaknesses in the royal palace’s security, making sure to have the most obvious flaws plugged, while keeping a few of the more obscure holes to himself. After all, it paid to be prepared. All the while he kept an eye out for the berserk…thing that had been hounding him for the last few days. A nasty brutish thing that was perhaps a bit too much like himself.


(Astral stalker art from WotC, MM1)

Once within the audience hall, Cypher and Xafra were pitted against the shadow prince’s dark twin in a gruelling battle that ended with the double slain, and Cypher triumphant. Staggering the shadow beast, Cypher clamped his jaws down on the thing’s throat, teeth ripping through flesh and cartilage to drink deep of the unnatural thing’s essence. He arose, reborn.


(deviation by krisium)

With the twin defeated, Cypher allowed Nibenay to slay Xafra. The mul had trespassed on forbidden ground, and after all, they couldn’t have her revealing the secrets of Nagaramakam. Able at last to claim his position as one of the children of the Shadow King, Cypher nevertheless could not move openly against Djenna. Yet. That vendetta would have to be set aside for the moment as Cypher fulfilled his promise to the dwarves of Kled. Informing the Shadow King of developments in the Ragnorra crisis and Abalach-Re’s attempts to seize control of the rogue star, Cypher was able to convince Nibenay to provide tacit support and supplies to the fledgling King of Kemaloc, Bjorn Mindhammer. With the assistance of nobles of House Kiyaka, Cypher was able to mobilize the merchant houses of Nibenay to generate a large convoy of supplies and other sundries that an army on the field would require. Arms and armor, the dwarves had in abundance, but it required more than that to keep an army fighting an entire campaign, and Nibenay would supply all of that for the dwarves of Kemaloc. Even at bulk rates, the profits for the merchant houses would be quite healthy. Coordinating with the noble Ahli Kiyaka, Cypher’s logistics caravan would soon be ready to supply the dwarves.

A slightly more irksome development was the fact that Dhojak was to accompany the forces being sent to Kemaloc, with a picked force of his minions in order to strike out at the advancing Raamites. Having to put up with the brute would be irritating. But then again, there was always the hope that the big lunk would get himself killed in action. If only Cypher could be that lucky.


DM Note: The death of Xafra plus the mobilization of the merchant houses through the influence of House Kiaka means that the group has exhausted the current favors to that Noble House. (Please note that in the favors thread.) The relationship with House Kiaka is still cordial , but it is now also strained.

Also, note that if the army stocking scheme goes well, the merchant houses of Nibenay(or one of the merchant houses if you want to play merchant politics) will then owe you a favor. Or they could owe House Kiaka a favor, which in turn result in a replenishment of your previous standing with that merchant house.


I’d prefer to keep the favor of the Noble House Kiaka. If I interpret the Nibenay writeups properly, the nobles have a better vested interest in the current power structure of Nibenay. The merchants may be a force for potentially unwanted change. Would prefer to mobilize the merchant houses so that they owe Kiaka, rather than burning favor. Would prefer to keep Cypher’s personal involvement low-key.


Alright, noted.

At the moment, favors from House Kiaka are at zero. But if things go well, it might rebound and end up as more than what it was previously. ;-)


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