The Walker Kings

A Megalomaniac's Demise, A Forgotten Evil's Arrival, and An Unplanned Confrontation

With a kick in the door, the Walker Kings barges in the bitch’s room. An obsidian golem blocks the door of another room, surrounded by obsidian walls, made with materials conducting Abalach Re’s defiling magic. The room is crowded by progenic mutants, chanting the queen’s name as the ritual is completing itself. Alderun quickly goes around the room, looking for the main ritual itself, while the rest of the team storm down the black guardian. Soon the progenic knight finds the sorcerer-queen, draining the power of the Nawabs, the “challengers” called by the Standard of Battle. Alderun tries to put a stop to her defiling, but the queen unleashed to him an ancient magic. With one word, Abalach Re almost crushed the swordmage’s existence, only saved by his progenic nature. The Renegade rushes in to aid the mageknight, only to be ambushed by the queen’s Kuo Toa assassins, as well as overwhelmed by the mob of mutants. But he is quickly saved by the war god’s magic and the dwarven king’s might. They soon reach the swordmage, almost obliterated by Abalach Re.

Alderun soon figures out the true nature of the ritual, using the Nawabs as final sacrifices to the calling spell. He telepathically informs the Avangion, who then informed the whole group. Cypher quickly acts upon this knowledge, and tries to save the other Nawabs together with King Mindhammer. The rest of the team preoccupied the queen. Together, they were able to slow down the ritual by saving the Nawabs, but Abalach Re has another trick under her sleeve.

Inside the obsidian-walled throne room, the queen finds herself surrounded by the Walker Kings, almost at mercy of Visarion’s wrath. But she escapes the threat, teleporting herself at the door of the room. She then caused the room to collapse, trapping the whole group beneath obsidian rubbles. Abalach Re laughed maniacally, as she pronounces her victory, but she underestimated the Walker Kings’ tenacity. The war god and the dwarven king forced their way out of the rubbles, and lunged the escaping sorcerer-queen. The four-armed Visarion finished off Abalach Re, but the queen’s laughter was not in vain. As she withers, she finished a blood ritual, uttering a request from “champions of Rajaat”. Her last words were a call for vengeance against the Walker Kings. Her blood crept slowly through the whole room, painting it with hatred to her killers as it glows.

Cypher reminded the group of their main task, stopping the Ragnorra from “corrupting” Athas. Alderun grabbed the Standard of Battle, and tried controlling the green star’s path. They managed to change its course, and shot the star to Yaramuke, obliterating the undead ruins with verdant energy. It was off their calculation, as it was too far from Raam. But they were able to bridge the distance riding kanks blessed by wind spirits. They flew the distance between Yaramuke and Raam within hours. As they get closer, they are astonished by a giant verdant stalk attached to the sky. And soon they see the crater with the Ragnorra slowly rooting its way to Athas. Winged abominations flew in the vicinity, so they stealthly made their way down and look for an entrance. They have little time to spare, so they rushed their way to the heart of the crater…

They have been to many challenges and they know their limitations. They have spent much of their strength fighting Abalach-Re, and they intend to play their cards smart as they enter the heart of Ragnorra.

They made their way to the cave stealthly and with great caution. They evaded winged abominations and lava monsters. They even encountered a being much like the former queen of Yaramuke, which should have been dead for ages. But they chose to head on, avoiding unnecessary casualties, and they eventually reached the core of the cave.

A large dome houses the trunk of the huge verdant stalk. Countless abnormal vegatation surrounds it. And what guards it is a giant ooze-like monster and a bunch of progenic creatures, which seem to control the energies from a various mutated plants. Alderun instinctively knew what they are capable of, as well as the verdant grass. He plans to use these power source to their advantage.

Bjorn rushed forward and took on the giant blob himself, while Alderun and The Renegade backed him up. Visarion and Cypher chose to kill the progenic shamans and their lackeys, as they sense they’ll become more of a threat than a simple nuisance. Alderun harnessed the power from the progenic surroundings, but Ragnorran ooze knew how to use it as well. The ooze pomelled Alderun and King Mindhammer with it, but the avangion was able to assist them fight back. Soon the wargod and the prince of Nibenay helped beating up the blob, but it was the last of it.

Weakened by the attacks, the ooze suddenly jumped to Cypher, and swallowed him whole. It oozed its way in the prince’s body, and took over his conciousness. The Ragnorra now has Cypher, using his tricks and skills against the weary party. Visarion and Bjorn did not falter and attempted to “free” Cypher. They jokingly comment about Cypher’s “eventual treachery”. The only way to kill the ooze is to weaken its host, and the team intends to do it so.

Cypher eventually escaped from the ooze’s control, but left him much weakened compared to before it attacked him. The ooze escaped to the ground, slowly absorbed by the stalk’s roots. What follows is something more than they can handle.

The ground shooked. The ooze must have supplied Ragnorra from the team’s strength. As the caves stopped trembling, a face crept and slowly grew from the verdant stalk. It was the mother herself, Ragnorra, as she declares her verdict upon Athas. She decided to overflow Athas with her great power, and mold it to her own, but it was something the party will not stand for.

The Giant Slayers tried destroying the thick stalk, but the elder herself was invulnerable. Ragnorra was virtually unstoppable, as she belittles the team and punishes them with waves of powerful attacks. After much thought, Alderun found out about Ragnorra’s weaknesses, vital points attaching her to Athas. It was their only hope of stopping her takeover, by uprooting her from the land.

The Renegade found a vital point at the roots of the stalk, and Visarion took it out with a blast. They discovered that there were two vital points existing within the trunk itself. Cypher quickly scaled the trunk with little effort, only to be stopped by a thousand-winged monster. The Renegade remembered something, and pulled up from his bag vials with Gorgon poison. Alderun and Bjorn applied the poison unto their blades, hoping it will be effective against the elder evil. The progenic knight called their spirit-blessed kanks, so that the rest of the party can ride up the stalk and assist Cypher. Visarion shot down the winged creature, and Cypher was able to advance to the top. Ragnorra soon started hindering the party by controlling the kanks they are riding. The war god’s ride was slowly turning into a winged abomination, so he flew off using his sorcerous wings and killed the kank before it had a chance. Using his corruptive shadows, Cypher was able to destroy a vital near the top. Alderun and Bjorn rode their kanks to the last vital point at the middle of the stalk. They struck the nerve with their poisoned blades, and it was effective. Alderun made the decisive blow, and caused the stalk to weaken its grasp from Athas. Ragnorra cried as her stalk slowly topples down.

Cypher pulled out the magic carpet and flew before the branches he was holding fell. Alderun and Bjorn rode out with their flying kanks, while Visarion carried The Renegade. They flew out from the crater and watched the mighty evil crumbling to the ground. They thought it was over but the day was not. They have almost forgotten about a certain summoning the bitch left them.

Soon the Walker Kings sensed strong powers coming their way. One by one, the sorcerer-kings and queen appeared. Hamanu of Tyr, Lalali-Puy of Gulg, Tectuktitlay of Draj, Nibenay of Nibenay, and even Dregoth of Guistenal. All of them vitalized by the green star the party has just destroyed. They were the “champions of Rajaat” Abalach-Re summoned, who are to take revenge for the her killers, whether they like it or not. Hamanu was ready to fight, yet Dregoth chose to side the Walker Kings. Each one had his own piece of mind to give, yet all felt the tension that everyone else will give little or no care about it.

Things were about to heat up when a more powerful being flew over their heads. The Dragon himself came to the scene and looked over them. He uttered that he did not care for the outcome of their feud. So long as they deliver the tribute he demands for each ruler, their respective nations will not be scorched to the ground. He only demanded this, and fled away, assuming back to his lair.

Each of the champions choose not to avenge Uyness’ death – at least for now. They went back to their respective regions, and vanished from the scene. With the greater evil vanquished, The Walker Kings each decided their own paths to take. The avangion suggested that they make a blood oath – much like what the champions of Rajaat did – that they will come to aid when one is in great peril. The team agreed, and the ritual is done. After the oaths were spoken, the kings made their own way into Athas. What the future holds is something they have not grasped yet but they look forward to.



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